Mr. Kim Recognized as FCPS CARES of the Month Recipient!

June 2022 FCPS Region 1 Recipient

By Department of Human Resources
August 18, 2022

Congratulations to Mr. Charlie Kim on being recognized as the June 2022 Region 1 FCPS CARES Recipient of the Month by the Department of Human Resources!

The FCPS CARES Program is an opportunity for parents, staff, and community members to recognize FCPS employees for going above and beyond to help others and show they care. We invite you to submit your story below, so we can all acknowledge the good work of FCPS employees.

Below is the write-up submitted by Crossfield ES colleague Ms. Nikki Buermeyer.

Mr. Charlie Kim makes an extra effort to get to know the students and connect with them, especially if someone is looking down or sad. At a recent event where parents came to school to see their child's big written project, Charlie was walking by our event. He noticed a boy was sad, likely because he did not have an adult with him like all the other kids. Charlie immediately went to that child and asked him about his work. The child was clearly so proud that Charlie took an interest in his writing and he was very proud to share it with Charlie. Every day in the cafeteria Charlie greets our students and makes real connections with them. These connections have allowed Charlie to help children later when the opportunity is there when a child is left out and alone."