#OurFCPS Faces: Christina Kern

By FCPS Employee News: February 9, 2021
February 12, 2021

“Aim high and your students will reach for it!” Christina Kern is putting that sentiment into practice as a multiple disabilities teacher at Crossfield ES. Christina began working for FCPS in 2000 as a special education instructional assistant. She has also taught at Lynbrook, Chesterbrook, and Timber Lane  Elementary Schools.

As an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) teacher in an enhanced autism class, Christina provides instruction and materials to students with a wide range of learning abilities and preferred learning styles. She loves that every day is different. She explains, “You never know what the day’s challenges and triumphs will bring. I understand my students’ areas of need and celebrate every victory alongside them! I am one of their biggest cheerleaders and try to teach to their interests and help them make relevant connections with today’s world.”

Principal Mark Granieri agrees that Christina is all about her students. He says, “Mrs. Kern is a tireless advocate, teacher, collaborator, thinker, and leader for her students and families. Her 'students-first' mindset rubs off on the entire staff, especially her administrators! She finds varied and high-quality educational resources to supplement the Program of Studies, provides the required differentiation for each child, and sets high expectations for her students and vigorously supports them in achieving their goals.”

A Crossfield parent wrote the following about Christina in a recent FCPS Cares submission: “[Mrs. Kern] goes above and beyond to engage the students. She made hard-copy binders of every subject covered in a virtual environment, so the kids had worksheets and handouts to touch, feel, and write on and even went as far as hand-delivering them to student homes. She practiced mask-wearing in the virtual environment every day to normalize and desensitize sensory sensitive kids to wearing them, so they’d be ready for in-person. She developed and delivered all of her virtual instruction without an IA [instructional assistant], teaching to 8+ kids and ensuring full and equal participation.”

Christina is eagerly anticipating her students' return to in-person learning. She says, “As we return to school, I am most looking forward to seeing the growth my students have had over the last few months at home! Every moment is a teachable moment and life has gifted us with so many natural opportunities to experience, explore, and engage. I bet all of my students have grown physically, mentally, and in maturity. These will be the moments I cannot wait to witness and embrace!”

In her free time, Christina loves to explore other countries, be with her family, and connect with friends (virtually for now).

Christina, thank you for being a staunch advocate for students!